Network Meeting: February 6, 2018

Join us as we engage in/with/on research Beyond Text on February 6, 2018; 2-4pmĀ in the Boardroom at the Liu Institute For Global Issues, UBC (6476 NW Marine Drive)

The Beyond Text Collective encourages critical conversations and projects that explore digital technologies and the audiovisual realm to creatively express academic research. The collective invites scholars from diverse disciplinary fields to share experiences, collaborate, and enhance understandings of working with the non-textual.
Through photography, film, instructional videos, performance art, and more, this network will host knowledge sharing event on February 6 from 2-4 pm at the Liu Institute. If you are interested in including these types of mediums in your own work, or already do so and would like to share, we welcome you to join us! This event is open to anyone, so feel free to invite friends and colleagues who might be interested. If you would like to share your own work, or have any questions about the event, please email Emily Amburgey: